Samuel De Champlain

By:Eric Lin 4-402

Samuel De Champlain's Early Life

             Samuel De Champlain was born on 1567. When he was young,he explored North America, mapping Acadia,discribing the Great Lakes and writing detailed accounts of Native Americans Life.

What Samuel Explored

                 On 1603 Champlain was made his first voyage to North America. He chose a place to build a fur trading company. On 1604,Champlain made a second voyage to North America. He stayed at the colony for three years. On 1608 he made another colony to Canada. He saw the Quebue while exploring the St.Lawrence River,and was impressed by the fertile that was lush with grape,vines,,and fruit trees.

Samuel's Death

            In 1629 New France was at a war with England. The settlement of Quebec was captured by english soldiers and so Champlain was taken as prisoner and he was sent to prison in England. He lived there until death on 1635.

facts about Samuel De Champlain

  • Champlain's first recorded sailing voyage was from France to Spain with his uncle.They brought Spanish troops home to Spain after a war in Brouage.
  • Samuel is often called "Father of New France."
  • Champlain drew maps that helped new settlers go to Canada.
  • Champlain was an explorer and a sea captain like his father.
  • Samuel's earliest travel was with his uncle.
  • Samuel explored North America on 1603.