Marketing Reflection


You will create a 3-5 minute presentation that will summarize what you learned (include voiceovers), and experience in the Candy Bouquet Marketing campaign.  You will need to use all the terms found on the "Marketing Terms" Quizlet (

Presentation Tool

To create the presentation use:
iMovie:  Include images, video clips, and text.  Also, use voiceover (record your voice over the video).  Optional: Music.

Using the terms to reflect

Each of the 25 terms listed on the Marketing Campaign were a part of the candy bouquet project.  You may work on the terms as a group or divide them as you choose.  Everyone must show contribution to the project.  

Step 1. - Plan

Get with your team members.  Decide how you will create the video.  Your video can be your choice as long as it demonstrates the terms (they must be shown on screen -either written or as a part of the script), all members should have a part.

How will you get the message across to the audience?
You will turn in a plan.  Your plan must give a description of how your team will present the terms.  How will you demonstrate the process of the Candy Bouquet project?
Be sure to tell who will be responsible for each role.  Remember those who are Creative Director(take the lead with the team, help develop ideas) , Illustrator (sketch out your ideas...somewhat like a storyboard.

Step 2. Create

Bring you ideas to life. Practice first.  Then film.  Take pictures.

Step 3. Edit

Upload your images and video to your computer.  Begin to put your presentation together using iMovie.

Step 4. Complete/Polish

Be sure that you have all terms presented.  Add voiceovers.  Add introduction text and subtitles.  Be sure that all members contribute to the presentation.