diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules

by jeff kinny

greg-scrony and really scared of his brother

rodrick-he is really bad and cool and really mean to his brother

it was a long summer for greg.it was really hard for him because he gets bosed to much by his brother rodrick.he did fine in middle school however when his mom leaves for vacation she thinks its a perfect time for both greg and rodrick to bond.rodrick will prank him to show him how life will sometimes be.

the setting was at school,home and the talent show.

jeff kinney dint want to be a childrens author.he wanted to be a newspaper cartonist.he made a whole serious of diary of a wimpy kid.

jeffs website-wimpykid.com

text to self connections-

this is different from my life because i dont have a brother like his.

nothing like this has ever happened t me.

i liked this book because everything was on point.nthing ever gt f topic or over the place.it is a perfect book.

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