MMS Jacket Buzz

September Edition

Photo Credit: Alexis Andreozzi

Jacket Pride

We show our pride by yelling from each grade V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

Volleyball Feature

Emily Grace Jones is thirteen years old and is on the eighth grade A team volleyball team. She plays left front and is number six. She states that Coach Dennis has helped her improve her skills.

Emily's definition of success is not money, it’s pretty much doing what you can do and trying your hardest. The most embarrassing athlete moment for her was when she went to hit the ball and she was ready in position then the ball went right past her. Five years from now she sees herself in college, hoping to be at UWF a.k.a. University of West Florida.

She proudly says that praying to God helps her before she goes on the court to play volleyball. She motivates others by telling them that the Lord is always beside them and will always be there no matter what their going through. She states that only God can help her by giving her strength for doing things for his glory. This is Emily Grace Jones!

Volleyball Feature by Rachel Drennon

Football Feature

Last Week’s 8th grade Players of week are:

Lowell birdsong for offense with his outstanding blocking. For Defense it is Jonathan Ramirez for his hard hitting and giving outstanding effort. The Most Valuable Player is River Simonek with three catches and two tackles.

Lowell Birdsong
Johnathon Ramierez
River Simonek

Last Week’s 7th grade player of week is: is

Josh Hettich as the overall player with three tackles and two touchdowns.

Josh Hettich

Football Feature by Shaw Franklin


This year there are different classes everywhere. Intro Technology is one of the new classes. In 6th grade Intro Technology, also known as Intro Tech, 6th graders are making a tweet wall of past inspirational people such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks, Walt Disney, Jackie Robinson, Amelia Earhart, and Steve Jobs. What they are working on is thinking of something that one of these people would say and writing it down. Afterwards they put their "Tweets" under their persons picture.

Intro Tech Twitter Board

Academic Feature and Photo by Faith Rodriguez


To kick off this year for MMS, we are expecting lots of mums, garters, and a win for Mineola at the homecoming game this week!

To dress accordingly this week: Monday is Sport's Team Day, Tuesday is Twin Day, Wednesday is Superhero Day, Thursday is Camo Day, and Friday is Orange Out!

Upcoming Beat by Devin Cormier

Club Spotlight

With the classes changing and clubs being introduced, one of the newer ones at MMS is the Journalism Club. It’s run by Mrs. Ledkins and meetings are held every Monday and Wednesday during activity period. During the twenty minutes at the meetings you would work on either a writing or photography challenge. They also have a chance to be featured in the newspaper.

Club Spotlight by Madison Reardon

Spirit Crew

Introducing a new club to MMS and a new feature at our pep-rallies... it’s the Spirit Crew! Now instead of just the cheerleaders trying to pump up the crowd at the pep-rallies and football games, we now have a Spirit Crew to help! They are always trying to get students to raise their spirit up. So come and help the Spirit Crew get the crowd pumped for our Yellow Jackets!

Club Feature by Karina Bautista

Jacket Buzz Staff

2014 - 2015 Jack Buzz Staff

Photo Credit Mrs. Ledkins, Staff Sponsor

This year's Jacket Buzz staff is full of hard working students. Our members this year are Tiara Stephens- Editor- In- Chief, Emily Jones- Designer, Cyndi Butler- Girls Sports Beat, Rachel Drennon- Girls Sports Beat, Devin Cormier- Upcoming Events, Faith Rodriguez- Academic Beat, Madison Reardon- Club Beat, Karina Bautista- Club Beat, Kaitlyn Burrell- Current Features, Crimsin Underwood- Current Features, Shaw Franklin- Boys Sports Beat, Preston Mosher- Boys Sports Beat, Arlinda Meta- Spirit Beat, and Alexis Andreozzi- Spirit Beat. This year is going to be an exciting with this talented group of students.

We hope that you enjoy our Jacket Buzz.

Tiara Stephens, Buzz Editor

Designed by Emily Jones

Ad Credit Preston Mosher

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