Annotating and Preview

Helping Students Understand Complex Text

What should students annotate?

Students can annotate text/images for many different reasons which makes it hard to know where to start as a teacher. In the short video below, check out some possible annotations aligned with the Common Core Standards. In order to access the table, click HERE. You can use the Google "File" menu to "Download as" a PDF Document. Save it to your desktop for use in the video below called "Adding class annotation sheet...".

How do I open my content in Preview?

One of the fastest ways to annotate text (pdf, images, maps, etc.) on your MacBook Air is to use the program called "Preview". Helpful Hint - you can even annotate a part of an image by using the screenshot option on the Mac with shift+command+4 drawing a box around the desired section for annotation. If you are a Chrome browser user, here are a few easy steps to achieve your goal:

Adding class annotation sheet to my text:

Help eliminate frustration by identifying and sharing the markings you will be using when annotating text or images before you start marking up text. This video will show you how to combine your documents into one.

How do I annotate using Preview?

When using Preview, don't forget to use the "Edit Toolbar" option to find the tools necessary for annotating. Click HERE for a written tutorial with images or watch the following video tutorial:

Adding Special Characters

There may be times you want to add items that are not readily available on the edit toolbar. You can add special characters through the Edit Toolbar and selecting Special Characters. Choose your character, but don't forget to add the character to a TextBox (or it will not show up on your document)!

Happy Annotating!

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