Chelmno death camp

By: Bronwyn. Canham

Chelmno was the first camp that used gas. 320,000 people were killed there. The Nazis tore down the building in September 1944. Chelmno was made December 1941.

10 facts

1. They got a machine that crushes peoples bones.

2. The first group got there on December 7, 1941

3. They told the people that they were going to take a shower, but they were really going to kill them.

4. They took them out of the ghettos to go to the camps.

5.  the things that they brought with them were sold to the Germans that live in the reign.

6.  50-70 people were jammed into the van's freight compartment.

7. 10 minutes in the vans people were suffocated.

8. .145,000 people were murdered at Chelmno.

Mid-January 1942,Yaakov Grojanowski escaped and made his way to Warsaw where he informed the ghetto leadership of what he had witnessed.

March 1943, most of the Jews of the Warthegau had been murdered.

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