Anne Jackson

Embracing Wholeness

When was the last time you held an infant or a joyful toddler? Even if it was over a century ago, most can recall the love that radiated from that moment. A sense that went beyond love - a wholeness, "Shalom." What if we as Church helped to foster that same awareness and sense for each other weekly? What would it mean to embrace wholeness for one another?

I welcome you to join me as I explore in my seminary studies "Shalom" and what it can mean for us across generations, cultures, those in the church and those outside the church. I hope to explore with you resources, thoughts and ideas for embracing every day people with our - quirks, addictions, illnesses, poverty, soul searching, boundary testing, grief, loss, pain, challenges and differences. Yet, let's not forget to celebrate each other as we embrace this deeper wholeness for not only our own lives, but the life of our neighbor. Until next week, Go in peace - "Shalom."

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