By: Jonathan ,Romeo, And Cooper

Description: A poem about a very very odd dog.

Examples of Rhyme: She's not a normal dog, her furs the color of a log.

Examples of Rhythm: My dog has a special twist, She cant go a day unkissed.

Description: It means your teeth are like stars, they disappear at day and come back at night

Examples of Similes: Your teeth are like stars.

Examples of Rhyme: Night and bite rhyme.

Description: Its about an owl in the that is hooting.

Examples of Alliteration: Hoot! Hoot! Came the call In silence I listened,heard Nothing. Suddenly, hoot! Hoot!:

Examples of Repetition: Hoot Hoot

Description: Its telling about Humpty Dumpty's disaster.

Examples of Repetition: Humpty Dumpty

Examples of Rhythm: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty dumpty had a great fall.

Description: Winter is coming to and end.

Examples of Imagery: I see the summer glow.

Examples of Ryhme: Glow and Below

Description: It's telling about Mom and Dad getting home.

Examples of Onomatopoeia: Slam,Slam,Thump,Thump.

Examples of Repetition: Slam, Slam , Jingle, Jingle, Thump, Thump.