The Moons & its Importance
                           by Sam Sampson
                                       5th hour

the moon is very important. With it, we are able to have tides, moon phases, and eclipses. With out it, our world would be much darker and dull. We would be unable to go surfing. We would not be able to see at night. And we wouldn't be able to admire the beauty of eclipse and phases.

Tides the amounts of water in a certain area, depending on the moons location. Wherever the moon is, the spring tide, or the high tide, is pointing to it. Neap tides, or low tides, point away from the moon. Without the tides, people would not be able to go surfing.

The moon also has many phases, such as waxing and waning crescent, gibbous, and quarters. Phases occur because of how much sun reflects off the moon. Without phases, then the moon would only be full moon. Even worse, a new moon. If the moon were stuck in new moon phase, then it would be black at night, and we would possibly not know the moon even existed.

eclipses are when the shadows of the sun or moon go between each other and earth. Solar eclipses are when the moon moves in front of the sun. Lunar is when the moon goes into earths shadow. there is no point other than amusement in watching them. With out the eclipses, we would not have the enjoyment in watching it.

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