Miranda McLeod 8H Photography and editing.


I have learnt alot this term in design technology i have learnt about editing photos and making a online portfolio to display images that are examples of our school values.  I personally choose bravery because i personally think everybody is truely able to face their fears . We are using a site called tackk to create our online portfolio.

This shows the value of bravery by this man facing his fears.

i added a bored that looks like camera border because this would have been a moment to remember , added a text that says what value this photo shows and i brightened the colour so that the plane and person stand out .

this photo shows the bravery that of facing their fears .

I edited this photo by adding a nature border because the photo is natural,hand print sticker to symbolise bravery and a nice purple to brighten up the photo.

this photo shows the bravery of being proud of who they are and what they are.

I edited this image by having a nature border, danger sign its like them saying back off we are dangerous,darking the colour and then brightening it a little and a text that says bravery.

cats and dogs being brave and being friends.

it has been edited with pixlr I added a nice border and text that tells you the value they are showing each-other & brightened up the picture.

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