Wind energy

Where we would put it


-Wind mills  have been a important part if American history, and doesn't use as much oil.

-You don't have to dig it out of the ground to use it!

-The turbines are usually 80 ft up.

-They cost  around 4,000 dollars.

-One windmill can power 500 houses!

-The world has passed 61 gig-a-wats, that's enough electricity to power  to be equivalent of  15.3 MILLION American homes!

Why you should instal Windmills

Using wind energy is the fastest way of getting energy,this reusable energy is better for the earth because it doesn't create  pollution. Wind energy would be easier, you would be using the windmill to power the lights, that you leave on ,electronics,the smart boards, and many more.

By using wind energy (along with 20% of the world), you can feel like you have made a pollution free change that doesn't require any harm to the earth.

Wind Graph

How the windmill works!

Graph of how many windmills in the world

Another wind graph.

This is a wind mill at Lee Elm school, they are the first zero energy school in the USA, and hopefully we will be the second!

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