Huon Tree Kangaroo By: Devin Wilmes

Huon Tree Kangaroo, Mrs. Opsal, 4/15/14

The Huon Tree Kangaroo is a type of Kangaroo which grow between 20-32 inches and males get up to 20-25 pounds and females up to 15-20 pounds. Huon Tree Kangaroos are an endangered species of kangaroos which are located in Huon Peninsula of Papua New Guinea and on nearby island Umboi Island north of Australia. They live in mountainous rain forests at altitudes ranging from 2,970' to 9,900' above sea level. Huon Tree Kangaroos are able to jump 33 feet across trees and fall 66 feet to the ground without being injured. Their mating season is any time of the year, and they have a life span of about 14 years or more in captivity. They eat any vegetation they can find in the rain forest such as leaves and flowers.

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