Meaning:Wild Rice People

Past History

Some problems the tribe faced were the kids in the Menominee tribe didn't get a lot of play time. Sometimes not enough food and having uncomfortable stuff like cradle boards. I think that it sounds like it hurts. The Menominee         tribe were residents of Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

Present History

The Menominee tribes new location is in a reservation in Wisconsin. Some problems they are facing today is that their language is endangerd and their trying to do as much as possible to save their language.


Some food that the tribe ate was wild rice, sometimes meat if they were lucky enough. They fished, they grew crops such as squash and beans. They also got berries and nuts. They also tapped trees for maple syrup.


Women: They wore woven skirts breech cloth with leggings and deer skin moccasins.

Men: Splay weather head dresses, moccasins and breech cloths.


The Menominee tribe made houses like wigwams, long houses and birch bark houses.


The tools men used are bows arrows, clubs, and stone axes. The tools they used where made out of stone and wood.


Games they played were with dolls. They played outside and they played with snow snakes.

Interesting facts

The Menominee tribe would tell stories such as legends and fairy tales because it is important to there culture. Another interesting fact is arts and crafts. They did crafts such as quilling, pottery, and floral bed work. They also do stuff like designing stuff I found it interesting because I like arts and crafts.


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