Creating your "pitch"


1. Watch the documentary of the day, and then post 2 replies on Edmodo. Your first reply is your initial response. (What did you think of this documentary? Was it effective or not? Why?) Your second reply is a response to another innov8or. Who do you agree or disagree with? Why? Example: "I agree with Saul's post because I also thought that the filmmakers did a great job of showing the experiences of the kids."

2. Today, you're going to be working with your group to come up with an overall idea/message for your documentary film. Your film should be about the West Farms community -- some of your research will involve NYPL resources while some of your research might involve interviewing members of the community! Discuss your ideas with your team.

3. Your next goal will be to write a "pitch" -- where you convince me that you should be able to make your film. Watch this video where real filmmakers (many of them are documentarians) talk about what makes a good pitch:

4. Where do you begin with your pitch writing? Download this hand-dandy "pitch writing worksheet" where you can begin to record your ideas. Directions on how to complete the sheet are on the sheet!

5. As you complete your "pitch worksheet", you'll need to start thinking about whom you would like to interview, and what questions you might want to ask. Watch this presentation about interviewing skills. IMPORTANT: Stop after "Write or type your questions somewhere." We will do the more technical stuff a little later.

6. After you watch the interviewing guide, start coming up with a list of interview questions relating to your topic. EACH GROUP MEMBER should practice interviewing each other and giving feedback. When you give feedback, tell your teammates AT LEAST one thing they did great and ONLY one thing they should do differently the next time.

7. If you finish early, start researching folks you might want to interview. You'll record all of this on your "pitch worksheet." You can also start to think about other components of your pitch worksheet.

8. Turn-in at least 5 interview questions to Edmodo! High-fives all around!