The Big Lie:  A True Story

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
made by Mrs. Hemry as an example for her students.

Isabel was born in kisvarda

Significant Events in History that Affected Isabels Life

  • She had a family that mostly survived the camps
  • She survived the holocaust
  • her little sister getting killed

Isabel's Childhood

Her childhood consisted of moving from concentration camp to concentration camp with her family. Also they were split up when trying to escape and the youngest sister died.

People Who Influenced Isabel's life

  1. Her mom
  2. Her dad
  3. And her sisters cipi, regina, sanya, potyo, and chicha

Unique facts

  • she survived the holocaust
  • almost all of her family survived
  • she had to make sacrifices so her and her family could survive


  • she kept her family together for most of the camps
  • She survived the holocaust

Then theme of there life

  • If you dont give up you will prosper
  • Family is every thing, stay together

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