DreamBox Overview

What Students Will Need in DreamBox

Promoting these mindsets with your students is critical for success in mathematics.  It just so happens that they will have much more success in DreamBox with these as well.

Read the “Initial Placement and Assessment” article.

Answer the question below.

How are students initially placed in DreamBox Learning content?

This video is a simulation of two real students moving through the DreamBox curriculum.  This was when DreamBox only covered K - 3.  Notice how they move forward and also fill in gaps as needed.

Intelligent Adaptive Learning Key Points

-  Analyzes over 800 data points for every student every minute

-  Student Input creates a personalized learning path for the next best lesson

-  Will adapt backwards when learning gaps are identified

Learning Environments
and Lesson Content

Play the DreamBox Environment appropriate for the students you will be teaching. Take the time to complete whole lessons and access the supplemental areas that engage students. As you play, hit these bullet points:

K - 2 Environment

  • Select your storyline and scavenger hunt. Follow the prompts to open a lesson.
  • In addition to answering with correct responses, get some answers incorrect multiple times in a row.
  • Answer quickly and accurately to finish the lesson. When you return to the story pathway, you received a reward for completing the lesson. You could receive one of three items. What did you receive?
  • Noticed the lesson you just completed now has a green circle. This is a practice lesson. Students have the opportunity to do a practice lesson up to three times. Feel free to complete other lessons.
  • Be sure to check out My House (top left) and My Arcade (top right). The large blue arrow will take you back to the Adventure Park.  

Grades 3 - 5 & 6 - 8

  • After the introductory video, choose a lesson from the selection.
  • If you are unsure what to do, click on the help or hint button. Get answers correct, but get answers incorrect multiple times in a row. Notice what happens.
  • Finished a lesson. How did you know the lesson was finished? How many coins did you earn?
  • On the top of the page, go to ”my stuff.”
  • Be sure to visit all three areas – Badges, Collections, and Personalize. If you played a Collections game, what were some of the areas of fluency you practiced?
  • (At the site, you will choose one of these)

    Watch the video below for the environment that your students use:

    Which location do students access to complete their math lessons?

    What are the best practices that move students efficiently through curriculum?

    Insight Dashboard

    If you do not remember your password or have never set it, select the Forgot Password link.


    The Insight Dashboard Click Tour, is a document for your reference of features and access from your dashboard.

    Use this guide as it will take you through the steps to build a successful implementation.

    The guide describes a class meeting to "crowd source" DreamBox with your students.  You may want to guide the discussion toward Best Practices and create a classroom poster.  Some examples of what it might look like are below.


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    I encourage you to share pictures of what you have done, students, etc. and any helpful tips you might share with other teachers.