Lunar Poker - Player Collusion

With poker gaining popularity in recent years, an ugly aspect of the game has started to rear its head: player collusion. Many poker players can attest to having come across a cheater at one point. Players who collude on many occasions are good at manipulating the cards to their benefit, which is demeaning to the integrity of the game and the efforts other players put in to improve their skill.

Playing poker requires constant practice, and many players engage in the game in an honest and fair manner. Colluding players hold no such view, and may work together at a table to double their winnings. Most casinos frown upon such behavior, and impose harsh penalties on players caught colluding. Lunar Poker tables, which happen to be some of the most popular in many casinos, have dealers on the lookout for suspicious behavior, who also have the power to notify authorities in any event of player collusion.

By allowing players the opportunity to place bets on each other’s hands, Lunar Poker works to create an environment of fun, one where everyone can share in each other’s luck without the possibility of collusion. The SUPER Bet option provides each individual player the opportunity to bet on any other player’s hand at the outset of a new round, affording each person the chance to capitalize on the luck of their fellow players.

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