The Crusades :Perspectives of the Byzantine

By: Ana macedo

Jesus on the cross

    1}Why was it important for the byzantines to control the city of Jerusalem?

The Byzantine were a part of the first crusade. It was important for the byzantine to control the city of Jerusalem because the majority of the people were christians and so jerusalem was like holy land or the land of milk and honey."The Crusades were a series of wars during the Middle Ages where the Christians of Europe tried to retake control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims".They wanted this land because jesus (son of god) got crucified and killed in jerusalem and rose the 3rd day.I guess they wanted to keep the land there savor has risen.

  2} Cause of the Crusades from the byzantines perspective (point of view)

        I think having the land of where jesus died is one reason the cause of the crusades happened.Also Another reason is that the byzantine church took out the religious icons and probably a lot of people where upset and so they fought back.Another thing is that jerusalem was a part of a major role in the silk road trading progress.

   3} Impact of the Crusades on the byzantine

       One impact that affected the byzantine is that the crusaders took over the byzantine cites and also the Constantinople in 1204. There original plan was to keep them but that never happened.They made the constantinople the capital and called it the latin empire. In 1264, the finally took back what was theres,but they never recovered."The Byzantines, who were Christian, lost. The Byzantine emperor asked the Christians in Europe to help protect his empire from the Turks." This was part of how the crusaders took over the byzantines.   

4} Byzantines perception of other groups during the Crusades    

       The Byzantine people or empire thought of other groups probably as lower/middle class. Also they probably thought they were going to get there land or something.They thought they were equal. They were a very wonderful group during the crusades.



This is a map of where and how the CRUSADES traveled.


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