Tools of the trade

Peter Jung


Edmodo is a tool where students and teachers can share information, ask question, and assign homework. It is also used in schools all across America.  It can also help you when you are absent, you can turn in assignments. It is also helpful for  reviewing posted power points.


"Remind is a safe, free way for teachers to text message students and keep in touch with parents." according to remind. It is a way for teachers to communicate with students and parents while you can also take surveys and ask for information. Remind has many benefits like, posting homework and communicating with teachers is a simple web tool that helps anyone to create and share visuals though a easy website. It can help you on presentations and projects. It is simple and fun to use and it is a free program. is a great program because it helps you make a website.


Tackk is a simple way to create easily pages on the web. It's your very own page, flyer, blog post, or poster which you can add your own touches. Tackk is helpful when making your own website. Tackk benefits you because you can organize and present your own ideas

The IB Design Cycle

1. Inquiring and analyzing

In this section you have to identify the problem, develop the design brief, and formulate a design specification. This means you have to find the problem and think about a possible solution.

2. Developing ideas

In this section you have to Develop a design specification, develop a range of reasonable ideas, and develop a outline for the possible solution. This means you will create a solution and have a basic outline of it.

3. Creating the solution

in this section you create a logical plan, follow the outline of the plan, and present the solution. This means you finished creating your plan with logical thinking and present the solution.

4. Evaluating

In this section you design detailed and relevant testing methods to create data, evaluate the success of the solution, think about how it can be improved, and explain the impact of the solution. This means you have tested the solution and improved it, then finally explain the impact.

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