Maps & Globes

I know that people around the world are connected.

Students will be able to:

Know and find continents and oceans using a map or globe

Locate Wisconsin on a United States Map

Identify the location of Green Bay on a Wisconsin map

Demonstrate the ability to use both the compass rose and the map key on a map

Compare and contrast the features of a map and a globe



North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia and Europe

These are the 7 continents

1 we live in.. And the others we don’t

**North America


North America has 3 countries... Has 3 countries... Has 3 countries

North America has 3 countries

Canada - United States - and Mexico


There was a country that had a name... The United States of America

It has 50 states... It has 50 states... It has 50 states

And we live in Wisconsin!