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Organs Trade

The Most Horrific Reality the World has to Face

One the first documented case in modern history of organs traffic is with two serial killers, William Burke and William Hare, who committed seventeen murders in Edinburgh, November 1827 to October 1828, to sell some parts of their bodies to Dr Robert Knox. In his report on organ trafficking in Europe, the Commitee on Social, Health and Family Council of Europe wrote: “Across the planet, organ trafficking is not a new problem. In the 1980s, experts began to notice something called “transplant tourism”. Rich Asians were travelling to India and other parts of Southeast Asia to obtain organs from poor donors. Since then, other destinations have emerged such as Brazil and the Philippines.

In 2004, an international network of traffic of organs which had ramifications in Israel and in South Africa was dismantled in Recife in Brazil, medical examinations and tests of compatibility of blood types with the applicants were made in the country, the selected candidates were then taken to Durban, in South Africa. They were operated there and received between 3 000 and 10 000 dollars. The Brazilian law forbids the marketing of organs even if the donor agrees to it. The law authorizes the organ donation only after the death and with the consent of the family. In exceptional cases, the donation is possible between alive people within the same family.

There are allegations that China would trade organs from executed prisoners. Organ sale continues in India despites new laws in the country that makes this traffic Illegal in most areas. If some statistics suggest that illegal trade in organs in Europe are at a low level since few decades, this problem does not lose his gravity because it’s very possible that with all the new advances in medicine, the difference between supply and demand will continue to grow.

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