My passion for Nissan GTR's

It started when i was a baby. I always had toy cars and my room theme was cars. I just loved cars. I remember when i was 7 years old i grew knowing more about cars because my uncle Joel loved working on cars so i watched him work on his car. I learned how to change oil and how to use a car but didnt know how to drive one. The when i turned 8 one of my presents was a little Hotwheels® car. The car was a GTR R34 I didn't know anything about it but I just loved the way it looked so I took good care of it. Then I went online and typed GTR R34 and it gave me allot of info where they were made and why their illegal in the USA. Their illegal because they where made in Japan and because they are left sided driver.

This is the creator of all the GTR'S. Kazutoshi Mizuno is his name.

It was made in japan.

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