Department Of Health And Human Services

By Keagan King

The head of this department is secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

The purpose of the department of health and human services is to ensure the health of Americans across the country as well as provide essential human services to Americans, more so to those that are least able to help himself. Projects that they are working on include providing flu vaccinations to the common American, monitoring  the Healthcare-Associated Infections Prevention initiative., and distributing the 2012 partnership in prevention award.

The department had a proposed budget of 79.9 million U.S. dollars. Personally, if I were the president, I would probably decrease the budget. While it is true that the flu outbreak has been very consequential this year, there are far better things that the money could be spent on, such as the department of energy, which could then better use that money to create a healthy, efficient source of power, or the department of education, so that schools could be better improved in ways such as security and programs for students that want to get a good job, such as a doctor, a scientist, or a writer.

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