Stanley Xu - Property Updates Can Give You An Advantage

Changing up the look and feel of your property can do wonders. Property Management and Real Estate is extremely competitive, so having updated amenities, features and fixtures can help you beat the competitors in your market. A good start is to employ a good amount of property managers and work crews who work hard to improve the investment properties. Real estate Expert Stanley Xu says "Great property managers provide excellent service to the residents they tend to". This approach gives you a few unique advantages: First, a well-maintained property is more valuable for resale than one that has fallen into disrepair. Second, the residents love having a responsive and responsible property manager. This methodology should help build trust with the management company. They will take less issue with the cost of rent for the repairs and maintenance services they can rely upon confidently. They also feel safer knowing that their property managers will take care of any unsafe situation at their homes.

You can’t build Rome in a day. This type of investment and business takes a long time to build up. Your goal should be to improve your community you are investing in and revitalize buildings and other properties, which values are dipping under preventable circumstances. Your investment strategy should come out of respect for the people who live on your investment properties.

Stanley Xu founded the real estate investment and development firm The Longwell Company in 1992 with his wife, Nanling Chen, an experienced real estate agent and official registered agent in Washington State. Xu has involved himself in many real estate deals in the Seattle area over the past twenty-plus years, and he almost always gets a sizable return on his investments when he acquires the property. Stanley doesn’t just invest in properties; he invests in communities.

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