6MEH.I.The Decision Making Model

Step 1: State the situation #3. You promised your grandma you would help her on Saturday but you get invited to go on a fun trip that day to the other side of the mountain.

Step 2: List the options. If I help my grandma she would be happy but I would miss a fun trip with my friend. Or I could go to the fun trip but that would mean that my grandma would have to do all that work by herself.

Step 3: Weight The Possible Outcomes. My grandma will have to do all of the work my herself and she could get hurt. But if I did help my grandma I would miss a fun trip with my friend.

Step 4: Consider Values. My grandma is part of my family and I love her. But my friend is not part of my family.

Step 5: Make A Decision And Act It. I'm going to help my grandma because she has work to do and I promised her I would help.

Step 6: Evaluate The Decision. I made a good choice helping my grandma after all I did promised her that I would help her.  

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