My name is Ross Hunter. I'm a Union Soldier. I live in Indiana. I am 70 years old. The year is 1863. I live with my 50 year old son. My son's name is Alex Ross. He is currently serving in the war, and he stationed in Ohio.

              April 30th, 1863- I woke up, and fed my dog. After that I helped stock the ammunition crates. Then I helped in the medic tent, with the injured soldiers. Lastly, around dinnertime, I helped prepare dinner.

Day 2, April 31st, 1863

Dear, Alex Ross I am worried about. I heard you may of been involved in a war. I am concerned about your well being. I hope your okay. I love you Alex Ross, please come back to me. I miss seeing  you everyday. Please come back to me my Love.

Day 3, May 1st, 1863

May 1st, 1863- I woke up and fed my cat Mr. Mittens. I then helped stock shipping crates. I then helped prepare dinner, for the soldiers. After that, I then helped in the medic tent.

Day 4, May 2nd, 1863

Dear loved one,

I miss you dearly. I miss seeing your face, I miss seeing you period. Each day, I wake up and miss waking up to your beautiful face. This has been a long war, without seeing you I miss you, I love you.

Day 5, May 3rd, 1863

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