New Zealand

By: April Force

This is the Maori greeting in New Zealand.

In New Zealand the greet each other with nose kisses. ALso they give each other on the cheek. They call it "Hongi". After a hongi people are no longer considered a visitor but as a tangata whenua, which is one of the people of the land. To say hello in their language it is "Kia Ora".


The main way they tell stories is by wood carvings. Wood carvings also told stories of people and their tribes. Wood carving craftsman wood carve designs and symbols to convey the story.

The maori people cooked food in the ground on rocks tat were heated. They cooked many meats and vegtables. The maori peole call it "hangi". They put wet cloth under the food. They left the food in there for several hours.

This is the maori traditional traditioal clothing. They dressed warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. There present day clothing is not much different from there traditional clothing. The wore red and white alot. They also have tattoos.

These are the traditional maori music instruments. There is the Koauau,Haka,Waiata,Nguru, and the Pukaea. Some traditional songs the maori people played were Nga lwi E, Ka Huri Au, Kia Rite and E lpo.

This is one of the maori traditional dances. Tey have a dance called "Haka" and it is the maori war dance.

Maori people used what ever they found in swamps and forest to make houses. They wove things together. Also they used tree ferns and food for most of it.

The maori people lived in Auckland usally on the North Island. *7.5 percent of them lived on the NOrh Island.

They are surrounded by many mountains. There is also many lakes around them,htey are surrounded by all ocean. There is many places to fis

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