What's Your Learning Focus?

Collaboration on Any Device

Whether online, or on a mobile device, students can access collaborative tools for learning any time and anywhere.

Create Image Driven Stories!

Create an Avatar and Reflect on Learning

How kids do this may vary from student to student. We talked about tellagami on ipad but below are a few other examples! Thanks to the teacher in my session for sharing Yakit Kids!

Or Give Voice to Student Drawings for Digital Storytelling.

Create with Images, Text and Student Narration

Flipgram has a pretty cool underused feature. When you click to choose music, choose narration instead. Have students record voice over images and save slideshows up to 5 minutes.

Create Collages

Quickly Create and Edit Video

Whether your students are creating a video to share a scientific concept or making a book review, there are apps that make the entire creation process as simple as pressing record!

Get Students to Share Favorite Apps Create an App Parking Lot!

What are you creating? Feel free to add it!