Modestar Liyokho

Goldsboro, North Carolina, Quality Assurance Manager Modestar Liyokho

About Modestar Liyokho

Based in Goldsboro, NC, Modestar Liyokho holds a position with Quality Assurance Manager. For the past several years, she has assisted the firm in analyzing root causes of persistent issues and assessing quality systems. Knowledgeable in Six Sigma principles, Modestar Liyokho helps ensure compliance with U.S.D.A and FDA. She is currently spearheading partnerships with outside companies designed to bring products to the highest quality levels.

Mr. Liyokho enjoys volunteering and family activities in his free time and is passionate about running and sprinting. He has taken part in fundraising events such as the Susan G. Komen Run for the Cure, which supports the fight against breast cancer. In maintaining a fitness-focused lifestyle, Modestar Liyokho pays particular attention to diet and healthy recipes in the kitchen. She is educated both in the US and internationally.

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