Huck Finn Enterprises

We find pretty cool stuff at great prices so you don't have to. It's like finding a treasure but without the whole time-sucking treasure hunt thing.  Or pirates.*

Cool new stuff and used perfectly good stuff added randomly as we find them and the time to list them, so check back often.

Our promise to you: if we list it, you can be sure that it's cool; you will most likely feel happy when you order it. And your life will feel a little bit better for awhile after you get it. You can also email me to ask me if I could find a good deal on something.... ANYTHING!

It's Simple...... Look often at the list of incredible finds and deals below. Next, email with questions or buy it quick before it's sold out with a paypal account. And if you are lucky enough to know Huck, you can figure out a place to swap the item and some cash.

* We actually like pirates, but just the interesting ones with silly accents and creative facial hair who sing on key only the hilarious bawdy songs and never the "blow the man down" ones, which are just yo ho irritating. And the pillaging is ok until somebody gets hurt, then it's just plain mean. We don't like the mean pirates. Except the ones who are amazing at knife throwing. We think that is so cool.

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