Aquarium Design

By: Brielle Geres and Mollie Avett

Our Fish

     We have four fish in total in our tank. First we have a Fantail Goldfish. Fantail Goldfish have maximum size of 6 inches, and for their tank you need 29+ gallons of water with driftwood or rock work and a few plants. However, the plants should be assorted because they will eat the live plants. Lastly, the water temperature should be between 64-75° F. Next we have three Mickey Mouse Platy fish in our aquarium. Mickey Mouse Platy have a maximum size of 3 inches, and for their tank you need 10+ gallons of water. They also like their tank to be moderately planted, and the temperature of the water should be between 72-82° F.


    For our fish, we will need a medium sized tank because the fantail fish needs a minimum of 29 gallons, and the small tank is less than 29 gallons. The tank is rectangular prism and has a volume of 6.25 feet cubed. So the tank holds 46.875 gallons of water.


    For our gravel we will be using the Deep Blue Sea gravel by the brand Top Fin. The gravel is $5.50 per bag and has 5lbs of gravel in each bag. We needed 15 bags of gravel for our medium sized tank. In total the gravel cost $82.50. We are using 2 inches of gravel in our tank. The volume of the gravel is 1080 inches.


     Our tank contains many different types of decorations. First, we have 2 assorted plants, and they must be non-living because the fantail fish will eat live plants. Our tank also has one driftwood because the fantail likes to hide in it, and the fantail also likes rock work which the volcano bubbler has.


    Our budget was $700 and we used $509.89

    Fantail Goldfish (1)- $3.39

    Mickey Mouse Platy (3)- $3

    Tank (medium)-$225

    Filter(1)- $70


    Blue Gravel(15)- $82.50

    Begonia Plant (1)- $4

    Jungle Pod Plant(1)- $12

   Volcano Bubbler(1)- $25



Fantail= (f) and Platy=(p)

Each Fantail is $3.39 and Each Platy is $1.oo


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