a plant cell is like a school

Molly Claussen and Olivia Jobson

the cell membrane functions like doors. they allow things to enter and exit the school. just like how the cell membrane allows enzymes

air is like cytoplasm because it is throughout the cell and fills the school just like the cytoplasm fills the cell with

a principal is like a nucleus  because it makes the big decisions for the school and is like the brain just as the nucleus is to the cell

Mitochondria is like a electrical room because it gives everything power

Endoplasmic Reticulum---mail room

lunch ladies are like riosomes because they make food like protien does for the cell

Golgi Apparatus is like a teacher because the teaccher makes tests to give to the children and the test get harder and harder the more they get

Lysosomes children are like lysosomes because the children digest things like the lysosomes do for the cell

Chloroplast are like lunch ladies because it makes protien and lunch ladies make food

a Cell Wall is like a wall because it gives structure to the building and helps contain things

refrigerators are like central vacuoles because they store things

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