Molotov Mitchell: Human Trafficking Crusader

One of Molotov Mitchell’s many projects over the years is spreading awareness of human trafficking and kidnapping abroad. He has spent time in Moldova, Egypt, and other places in Europe, Asia, and Africa teaching people how to defend themselves when they find themselves at risk of kidnapping or human smuggling. Mitchell’s work inspires him to reach others around the world and spread his message that everyone has the right to defend themselves.

Mitchell’s company in his own community, Triangle Krav Maga, not only teaches lessons on Krav Maga, the Israeli martial art, it teaches intense courses on how to stay safe in potentially life-threatening situations. Triangle Krav Maga’s Resistance program, for example, has courses on how to handle firearms, how to deal with a kidnapping situation, and even how to react during an active shooter situation. The Force program within Triangle Krav Maga trains law enforcement agencies how to use Krav Maga in dangerous situations when perpetrators need to be apprehended quickly and without struggle. Mitchell believes that Krav Maga can save lives by preventing violent criminals from fighting and overpowering officers in the field. At a time when many law enforcement agencies are under a microscope and roundly criticized, techniques such as Krav Maga can be essential non-lethal solutions to dangerous situations.

Molotov Mitchell lives happily in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Patricia and their two year old daughter, Ivy. He hopes that his advocacy for the safe operation of firearms and his Krav Maga instruction can create a safer world for them.

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