Momentum...What is it?

Momentum...what is it?

Characteristic of all moving objects relating to the mass and velocity of it.

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Conservation of Momentum

In the absense of outside forces such as friction, total momentum of objects that interact do not change.

What does this represent?

P = Mass x Acceleration

P= Momentum
P came fro latin word petere whihc means go towads.

How can two objects have the same momentum?

Remember...Momentum is dependent apon both Mass and Acceleration!

How can a van and motercycle have the same momentum?

Since Momentum is equal to mass times acceleration this means a motercycle can be accelerating quickly while having less mass and still have the same momentum! Imagine that!

What is a sticky collision and non-sticky collision?

Sticky collision is a collision in which two objects stick together in a collision when they collide where as, a non-stickly collision is where two objects do not stick together and outside forces are negligible.

Elastic Collision

Inelastic collision

Throwing clay into the ground...

Inelastic collision

Angular Momentum

This occurs when a top like action, spin occurs, instead of going like a normal object.