Rube  Goldberg Machine

  1. I choose Rube Goldberg Machine because 2.i thought it was fun to do in class and it was better than coding,sketch,and scratch.  3. I dont think that i would want  to do this as a job because i have other plans i like better for a career. 4. I want to learn how to solve problems.

Intro Research

Today i watched videos and did research on what we could do or like our objective and what items we could bring. it was just a simple research idea/brain storm.

Entry #3    

today we worked on our layout and who was bringing what and we decided what our objective would be. We also started on our drawing . i said that i would bring a ruler and paper towel rolls and other random stuff we can use!

Entry # 4

I was not here. I was at the zoo with my team .

Entry # 5

Today we are working on our final copy of our Rube Goldberg Machine. Also we made a list of the things we have to bring and who is bringing what. I agreed to bring a funnel,balloons,plastic cups,and maybe a slinky.

Entry #6

Today we showed the teacher our diagram or what ever you call it and he said hat we had to much rolling stages.So we came together as a group and we redid it. We watched more videos and came up with a solution to fix the roll problem .

Entry #7

Today we worked on using force. Force means is physical action or movement. we stacked up books and we had a track going down than we  ran a bounce ball down the track to hit jenga blocks. Thats what we worked on today


Today we worked on improving our one of our stages and we end up combineing it and tomorrow we have to work on adding another stage :)


Today we finished part of our machine and brought in most of our materials.We had a problem getting our golf ball to go hit the marble so that the marble could go to the next stage and we had to use more and sometimes less force,but we eventully got it to work. I think the lesson learned here is that you have to play around and get it to work.


Today we had a problem with people bringing in there stuff for the machine so we were working on the same old stage and trying to plan the others kinda in our head. Also we had to try to work on the gravtational pull and force and motion.


Today my group is not here because they are going on a field trip to a baseball game so its just me. But i plan on messing around with a few stages.


I wasnt here yesterday but from what i heard they got three stages to work with out a problem and were thinking about another stage. *sorry this tacck is short.


Today again our group got three stages to work and we started on our fourth stage and prepared some materials for that but we didnt do that much.


Today i tried to work extra hard on the Rubegoldberg machine and we were pretty successful. We got the first to stages to work .Then we ran into a problem with the zipline. The problem was that we couldnt get the zipline to stay. Then we fixed it with duck tape. Also now we have a problem with getting the ball to make the zipline to go down to the next stage so we plan on doing that tomorrow


Today was an awesome day. I brought in a lot of new things for the machine. Although we did have some epic fails. We were having problems with getting the ball to go in the cup and make the zipline go down. but we learned a lot and it was a fun day but mr T was not here so i dont if im still aloud to come in at lunch oh well . :/


Today we didnt build or mess around with the machine. We just kinda thought about how we could fix things. We decided to make some major changes and that tomorrow is going to be a full work day and we need to bring our a game and be focused on our machine. So tonight we are going to be thinking of ideas for our machine. We learned a lot from what Mr. Ternet was trying to say about how there were many fails from products we use today such as phones tablets in computers and how we shouldnt give up.


Today we worked our butts off on this machine and it was sooo confusing and really irratating


Today we had to try to get one of our stages to work it was hard but i think we came up with a solution. We were not able to get the balloon to pop but i think we still had success with the machine.


I learned that there are many different ways to get stuff to work and also that there will be many fails. Another thing i learned was that you just have to keep trying different things so you can have success with the machine.

The project turned out okay. The reason i said okay it was kinda fun but we did not reach our objective which was to pop a balloon. At first we had trouble with bringing in stuff but then i just brought in all the rest of the stuff because i did not feel like going another day with someone say they forgot or that they did not think we were going to use it today anyway .

Although it was kinda fun, i would not want to do this as a job in real life. The reason i would not want to this in real life because i do not think you can make a lot of money making those machines and i have something in mind i want to do for the rest of my life.

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2 years ago

I love the science vocabulary in entry 7 and I love that you are changing your plans to keep improving your machine! Great job!

2 years ago

This is so cool! Your tackk is very neat and creative. I can't wait to see the total outlook of it!😁