Moms Making Six Figures Helps Women Like Heidi Bartolotta

Moms Making Six Figures aims to serve mothers who would like to stay at home and care for their children, yet still need an income to supplement their husband's earnings. The company has worked with accountants, doctors, lawyers, real estate professionals, and teachers, helping these women find the life they want for their families.

Over 5 million women choose to stay at home with their children rather than pursuing their careers. Moms Making Six Figures wants to help these mothers find a way to make this choice a profitable option. In order for stay-at-home mothers to make the income suggested by the name Moms Making Six Figures, these women must make a commitment to the company's work and promote information about its products in their local area.

Many mothers have already chosen to become members and build their own businesses. For instance, Heidi Bartolotta never imagined she would choose to stay at home rather than remaining in the corporate world. Everything changed, however, when she had two daughters. Through a friend, Heidi Bartolotta learned about the opportunity to still earn income at home and she leaped at the opportunity. Four years after her decision, she remains glad that she chose this option.