Monday, June 17, 2013

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Tell me a story about you

  • Warm-up:  List 4-6 things you want to tell me about yourself.
  • Use the Camera to shoot images to help you tell that story.  You  might want to take an image of a word or the name of a place.
  • Log in to 30hands and create a video to tell me that story.
  • We'll share and critique the stories.

Story tellers can illustrate their stories with drawings.

  • Using didlr, draw a picture.  Share that picture.
  • Draw another.  Share it.

Let's use another tool.

  • Let's change channels.  We've told stories with images.  Now let's use words.
  • Take your iPad with 2 hands and move away from the other students.  Click on Dragon Dictation.  Speak into the iPad and Dragon Dictation will write what you say.  You can even say "comma" or "question mark" when you want to include that.
  • After 5 minutes of exploration, let's discuss how this might help you and other students.
  • From now on you should try to use Dragon Dictation to help you spell.
  • Now click on Word Mover.  Use your first name and last initial as your username.  Write a poem.
  • Share.

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