My Life

By Karyna Gonzalez    #curleesclass2015  

Soccer is my favorite sport in the world. My best position is goal keeper. In order to be a good goal keeper, you can't be afraid to dive for the ball or be afraid that you're gonna get hit. I just made the 7th grade Lady Cavs soccer team and I found out that you have to be determined.  The important thing about goal keeping is the Five C's.

My mom has always been a hard worker. When I was young, she took my sister and I  to live with our grandma on Pecos Tx. She couldn't be home all day because of her schedule, so she knew that my grandma would be there to take care of us 24/7.  Pecos  is a very small town. For example, our only has five schools in total and one mascot. The Eagles with the colors purple and gold. My grandma took care of my sister and I until a little before my twelve birthday and when my sister was fifteen. I was sad when we left because it was a big change.

My favorite show is Elmo's world. I've liked Elmo since I was one. I would ask my mom if she could buy me shirts with Elmo's face on them. I would watch Elmo's World everyday.  If I could still watch it I would just for the memories.

My family always thought I was smart. For instance, by the age of three, I knew how to count money like coins. By the age of one, I could pronounce full and understandable sentences.

My favorite song is the Macarena. In second grade I had to perform it with my class in a talent show. During, all the students joined us and it was a lot of fun. Since, I get excited when I here it. My favorite singer is Selena. I love her song called Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.

My mom was a fire fighter and she has EMT training. Today, she is a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and she can be an EMT in the Border Patrol if she wants to. My dream is to become a fire  

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