Kristie Howard's Daily Wealth Affirmation, May 3 2013

Build a Business, Have a Life:

You can build a business and have a life.


Recite your affirmations at least twice daily, in the morning and evenings before bed. Be sure to emotionalize them with positive expression and feeling if you want them to work!

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Affirmations are based on how the subconscious uses your learned behaviors, which are closely governed by our survival instincts. For example, you may have learned to turn your back in an dispute because you fear defeat, lack confidence that what you have to say will matter, or are afraid you will be hurt. These types of are affirmations—are negative ones that need to be purged from you.

Positive affirmations are positive statements that are used to replace negative beliefs. For example, if you typically turn your back in a verbal confrontation, you can simply say to yourself, “I feel confident and in my power” or “I am secure within myself regardless of his words.” Many people use positive affirmations to help them maintain health and wellness, happiness, and professional success.

Everyone can benefit from positive wealth affirmations because they can help you reset your attitudes toward attaining your money and wealth goals and maintaining a positive outlook to yourself and others.

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