Collect sales & raise donations
with the money widget


Exchanging money can be difficult with multiple provider options, complex forms and unnecessary transaction steps. Like every feature or product functionality we release, a simple experience is at the top of the list. Whether you're a small biz selling product, fundraising for your next 5k or collecting ticket sales, the money widget makes sales and donations a cinch.

What makes the exchange even easier? The money widget is connected to PayPal so don't worry about handling credit cards or collecting bank account info.

One widget: multiple uses

  • Collect ticket sales
  • Sell stuff around the house
  • Sell services or products
  • Collect event/trip funds
  • Raise money for a cause
  • Ask for donations

Get started using the money widget

1. Click the credit card icon in the widget bar

2. Fill out the fields under 'Sell Your Stuff' or 'Accept donations'

3. You're ready to promote your Tackk! Your sale or donation will appear like this linking to PayPal to collect funds

Add as many sales or donation options as needed.

Check out how a few Tackk users use the money widget