Monkey Mayhem

Note: Skip to 1 minute and 10 seconds into the video before you start otherwise it is just frozen. Corona was having trouble and it wasn't very compatible with the recording software. Sorry.

What is it?

Monkey Mayhem is a smartphone game that I made in a Game Development summer camp at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center. I have worked on it a lot since then, and I hope to put it up on the iTunes app store by the end of this summer. The goal of the game is to have the monkey navigate the ropes, while collecting bananas and avoiding obstacles.

How do I make it?

I used the code language Lua to make Monkey Mayhem. I also used Corona SDK and Text Wrangler. Corona SDK allowed me to see what an iPhone screen would look like after I changed the code, but right on my computer screen. Text Wrangler is a word processor just like Microsoft Word except it changes the color of certain parts of the code to make it easier to see mistakes.

What problems do I face?

I am not used debugging my code, so when there is an error it is really hard for me to solve it. Luckily, there is a website called Corona Docs that has information about almost everything you can do with your code. There is also a Corona Terminal that says what parts of the code are called and gives you more information about errors. Even the smallest typo can totally break the app.

What is the future for Monkey Mayhem?

The game is already on the app store and the Google Play Store. Please go download it, it's free! I am going to be learning a new programming language called Swift and I hope to make another app soon. It will most likely be an app to help people learn to write the Japanese Hiragana characters.

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