Lorelei Gwin 2nd period 3-24-15

                 MOONS of MARS

                                                          An inside look

This is Phobos

Basic Facts(all those numbers)


Distance from mars:9380

Rotation period:7.65hrs(0.3189)


Composition:c-type rock

Fun facts(the fun part)

How Phobos got its name:Phobos is the Greek god of fear and panic. Son of Ares or Mars. Brother of Deimos.

Did you know:Phobos may CRASH into Mars in about 5 millennium

This is Phobos in his Godly form
this is Deimos


Basic facts(more of those numbers)


Distance from Mars:23,436

Rotation period:302,976

Atmosphere: none

Composition:c-type rock(the same as Phobos)

Fun facts(yaaay!)

How Deimos got its name:Deimos is the Greek god of dread and fear. Son of Ares or Mars. Brother of Phobos.

Did you Know:long ago scientists thought Deimos was hollow but soon found out that it was not hollow.

Did you know: Deimos orbits Mars THREE times a day. Imagine three sunsets and sunrises each day and night!

this is Deimos in his godly form

A little bit about Mars

AKA: the red planet

Mars is the Roman name for Ares god of war and combat

Son of Zues and Hera

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