Morgan Rothschild Academy

Morgan Rothschild Academy, Education/ Early Childhood Education

About Morgan Rothschild Academy

Focused on early child development to enhance learning patterns and brain development, Morgan Rothschild Academy in Shanghai, China, serves a multinational population of young children from countries including China, Japan, the United States, New Zealand, France, and Switzerland. The school, which was founded in 2005 by Morgan Huang, encourages its students to cultivate inquisitiveness, advanced intellect, and an appreciation for education. The tools mastered by students of Morgan Rothschild Academy prepare them to effectively handle scholastic and social pressures as they move forward in their academic careers.

In addition to encouraging a love of learning, the Academy strives to nurture each student’s individual talents, creativity, and personality to promote a beneficial educational experience. Through play and group cooperation, children gain confidence and valuable understanding of mutual respect and kindness. The school’s caring, skilled faculty and staff work closely with students individually and as a group, and their expertise in education and early childhood development gives them critical insight into each student’s developmental and educational needs.

AmCham Shanghai's Annual Independence Day Celebration

The Morgan Rothschild Academy aids the educational development of children from around the world under the leadership of founder and director Morgan Huang. Located in Shanghai, China, the Morgan Rothschild Academy has served as a main sponsor of the annual Independence Day celebrations hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (AmCham Shanghai).

Each year, AmCham Shanghai draws as many as 2,500 attendees to its annual Fourth of July celebration. The event features both indoor and outdoor activities such as hotdog-eating contests, face painting, and hat decorating. Children can enjoy a number of attractions at Kiddy Land, in addition to taking part in the yearly children’s parade.

Food vendors at the event offer several American cultural staples including hotdogs, chicken wings, hamburgers, and popcorn. Attendees can also enjoy North American alcoholic beverages, such as Jack Daniel’s whiskey and a selection of American beers.

In addition to live performances from local bands, the event has featured appearances from American cultural icons such as the Harlem Globetrotters. AmCham Shanghai also sponsors several lucky draw contests featuring prizes such as roundtrip airline tickets from China to North America.

Shanghai Commission Has Broad Oversight of Educational Programs

An early childhood education center in Shanghai, China, Morgan Rothschild Academy offers bilingual instruction in English and Chinese. For its Chinese instruction, Morgan Rothschild Academy uses curriculum approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. A government department, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission implements laws, rules, and policies for all levels of education throughout the city.

In establishing educational strategies for Shanghai, the Commission reviews plans for the city's social and economic development to ensure that educational programming meets these aims. The commission also has macro-level oversight of the full spectrum of education programs, from preschool through higher education and vocational and technical programs. As part of this responsibility, the Commission establishes standards and teaching requirements for pre-primary, primary, and secondary education.

Schools can employ the research-based curricula developed by the Commission to ensure that students in their programs develop and learn appropriately. Through its comprehensive oversight of Shanghai's educational programming, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission helps ensure greater access to quality education for the city's students.

Children Gain Lifelong Benefits from Quality Early Education

Based in Shanghai, China, Morgan Rothschild Academy uses research-based curricula to provide quality early childhood education to its young students. At Morgan Rothschild Academy, students engage in varied activities to promote intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Participation in early childhood education programs offers many benefits for children.

According to industry experts, children who take part in well-conceived early childhood development programs often demonstrate greater achievement later in their school careers. Children also may demonstrate higher intelligence scores and greater ability to develop stronger social relationships than their peers who are not engaged in high-quality programs. Additionally, children may show higher rates of verbal and physical development during early childhood.

Participation in early childhood education not only benefits the child, but also the child's community. Children who receive high-quality education early in their academic career often go on to achieve greater success as adults and have more opportunities to make contributions to their communities.