Morningside Recovery Helps Clients Attain Sustainable Recovery

Morningside Recovery is a unique addiction recovery center that helps individuals achieve sustainable recovery and pursue the life they are meant to live. Professionals at Morningside Recovery recognize that addiction to alcohol or drugs often coexists with mental health conditions. For that reason, the center focuses on providing all clients with an accurate mental health diagnosis to help them understand the reasons behind specific addictive behaviors. The center has an array of therapeutic options, including cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, and holistic therapies like yoga and Tai Chi.

Clients participate in therapy sessions in addition to a variety of special programming opportunities. Morningside Recovery offers academic and vocation support, adventure programs, and other activities to support client's unique healing needs. After achieving a stable foundation for recovery, clients can participate in outpatient and aftercare programs.

In addition to accepting most insurance plans to help clients defray the costs of treatment, Morningside Recovery has collaborated with Prosper Healthcare Lending, a company specializing in financing drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment services.