Moshe Manoah - Youth Coach

Moshe Manoah is a real estate business professional based in Ft Lauderdale, FL and Atlanta, GA. When he is not busy helping thousands of residents in the southeast region with finding their dream homes at a reasonable price, he is being a father figure and role model not only for his kids, but also those in his community. As a youth soccer coach, he has played a large role in the athletic development of his children as well as others. Coaching can be a serious commitment, as you become a role model for these kids who now depend on you to be at every practice and every game on time and with all of the necessary equipment. But a person as organized as Moshe Manoah is fully capable of such a task; and he is always happy to be a bigger parts of his children’s lives.

Bigger than even teaching players the fundamentals of the sport and how to hone their talents, Moshe Manoah knows that being a youth soccer coach also means you are responsible for instilling the core values of sportsmanship into the player, and those include teamwork, leadership, determination and respect. Learning these values will not only make you a more formidable teammate and opponent but it also prepares you for the type of person to person competition that one will eventually face in their lives, whether it be in a job or on a sports field. And teaching kids that is a rewarding experience for Moshe Manoah.

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