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The Speakers Network Worldwide is a resource for you that can really help defray some of the anxiety of booking a speaker. Choosing the right speaker, placing your request for the speaker in a timely manner, making sure you are matching the speaker selection to your audience, your theme and the message you want to convey are all essential pieces to this puzzle. The Speakers Network Worldwide is sensitive to these issues will help you in the process. Just like choosing a professional for doing your taxes, our professional agents will understand the process and work closely with you to see your project through to the end. It is building a relationship that communicates in a two-way manner that will make working together a satisfying venture.

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Professional Business Speakers

With our history in the business, we have established many relationships not only with speakers, but agents who represent political figures, authors and celebrities of all kinds. Even the entertainment industry is included in this group. And, we are "on" 24-7 when it comes to your meeting details. Here is a true story of how this works for you, the client:

A well-known coach was scheduled to address our client’s audience of 2000 attendees. Just 30 hours before the event, he was asked to give the eulogy at a close friend’s funeral. That meant he had to cancel our engagement with good reason. The client was very understanding and we all went to bat to find their kick-off speaker for their major annual event. The preferred replacement was exclusive with an agency we have worked closely with for over ten years. We worked through the night and by mid-day the next day, the flight plans and details for the new “well-known” speaker were set. Just 18 hours later, he arrived in the venue city and delivered a standing ovation presentation.

The message to this story is that is takes much more than “just another name,” to accommodate a change like that. It took a relationship………it took many relationships to provide such seamless service. And it took working through the evening to make the connections.