Movie Locations Guide: Hollywood Filming Locations List

Movie locations do vary. After all, the place where a film is shot will depend on its theme and overall story. So location scouts are people who are tasked to look for filming locations all over the globe. They search near and far just to be able to find the perfect place for their film.

So if you are a location scout looking for a place for your next project or whether you are simply curious about Hollywood filming locations, below are places where you can search:

     1. Online directories.

If you are looking for a big list of filming locations then you can look at online directories. Check out websites like Otherwise, you can simply look for them by entering a query among search engines like Google. Simply write “filming location directories” and you will be able to find a huge list of websites. The wonder about searching online is the fact that you can find a wide range of listing that you may even have a hard time choosing among them.

     2. Production companies.

It is likely that production companies will have their own list of filming locations that serve as a guide in times when they have to look for a place to rent out. Most production companies have a comprehensive list of locations in varying places across the globe.

     3. Newspaper ads.

Check out your local newspaper or magazine to find filming locations that are listed among their ads. Remember that some of the information you can find among these papers may not exactly be available online.

     4. Other location scouts.

If you need to find a handy list of filming locations then you can contact other location scouts. Ask for their referrals. Most of these scouts will be more than happy to help you. So do not be ashamed of doing so, you are always free to ask from other location scouts around.

Indeed, there are many places where you can look for a list of filming locations. Regardless whether you want to seek information online or to physically find them, you can do so.