Classical Music Appreciation

Sharing their opinions of music with others

Students learned about Wolfgang Amadeus during music class. After learning about his life, the students listened to his composition, "Concerto No. 3 for Horn and Orchestra: 3rd Mvt."

Brainstorming Their Thoughts

We then went over how to write a paper - most importantly, a persuasive paper. The paper will be a review of the composition they listened to composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The students received an outline to fill in to brainstorm their thoughts for the paper. After brainstorming, they wrote their article.

Next, students logged into Google Apps to create a document to type in their article. The students are learning how to log into their google account, create a document, and share the document with their teacher. Then the students begin typing up their article. This allows them to practice their typing skills and proper punctuation when typing. They have the ability to change fonts, text size and color.

Since the students shared their document with me, I have access to view their article as they work on them. The students give me, Comment Only, access. I can leave comments on the side of their article to let them know how they are doing.

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