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In addition, only two have won when the tournament's Golden Ball and Golden Boot Awards,fifa 15 coins for sale they were from Italy striker Giuseppe Rossi and Salvatore Schillaci. Germany, Strauss-Kahn became the only one also won the Golden Ball Award and goalkeeper of the Gold Glove award. The Golden Ball winner of the past four world cups, is owned by adidas signing players, while adidas is also official FIFA sponsors.

SINA sports news Olympics preliminary round of 12 came to an end last week, resulting in a Korea Japan U.A.E. three directly qualified teams, as well as Syria Oman Uzbekistan three participate in the play-off second, but Olympic preliminaries of the smoke has not yet cleared. According to from Doha of latest news, Qatar FA has put Oman Olympic overage players of information submitted to has FIFA, once FIFA for confirmed, so Oman Olympic of scores may will was canceled, and in Austrian preliminaries second stage was Oman eliminated of China Olympic team may also can from benefit in Austrian preliminaries 12 strong game a, group in the, Oman to 8 points row in second, Qatar to 1 points poor row in third, such Oman student squeeze go Qatar obtained additional game qualification. But Qatar do not wilt, collected some overage Oman Olympic soccer team information and submit to FIFA, once FIFA for confirmation, the Oman Olympic achievement is likely to be canceled.