cheap fifa 15 coins it's just Bursa into war in Europe for the second time in history the race

Wayne Rooney starting nanibeiba shoulder heavy responsibility

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October 19, NetEase sports report:

2:45 A.M. Beijing time on Thursday, Manchester United at Old Trafford in the third match of the group stage of the Champions League: Bursa sports,cheap fifa 15 coins the three points will have to be Manchester United's plans. Has never drove before the two teams, it's just Bursa into war in Europe for the second time in history the race, went through the Bursa to play European games and the Cup winners ' Cup 1974-75 season was the last is in the process of entering the top 8 qualify out of an England team. Manchester United home game against Turkey team's record was 2 WINS, 1 draws and 2 defeats, last season they were champions in the arena was Turkey team Besiktas broke record of 23 home Champions League unbeaten lunifugesen conflict attention

Manchester United are now the most cause for concern is the relationship between Ferguson and Rooney on the sidelines of last weekend's League, Ferguson did not start Rooney, Rooney only 20 minutes of playing time, he seems to have a break and Ferguson is inevitable, this Champions League Rooney myself to start cannot be determined: "I hope so. I often debut earlier in the season, when I felt he was back, but can't play the game is different. "The contradiction between Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson is bound to have an effect on the team, every time when big trouble and Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United team are generally at the bottom, takes a lot of time to recover the Red Devils defense is always inexplicable errors

United this season although the events also keep not defeated, but draw up to 6 field League 5 field Champions League 1 field, except 2 field 0 0 outside, up to 4 field are is in leading Hou was opponents Chase flat, which more has two field is leading two ball in short time within was even pull two ball, last on even sound of Edwin van der SAR are made Xia butter hand of errors, Defense always will appeared inexplicable wonderful of errors, Ferguson is straight call "see not knows", this field United of Defense also is can to main attack, but continues to appeared errors of possibilities is big nanibeiba shoulder attack task

In Rooney's absence or even play slump, jigesiwalunxiya injury cases, United's attacking see Berbatov, Nani who played. After Dimitar Berbatov hat-trick against Liverpool, slumped badly last weekend, missed a number of scoring chances, if he can't get back early in the season, Manchester United's goal is in trouble. Nani has been outstanding this season, and he was stiff and performed flawlessly, scoring, assists both have done very well, he has became the most important part in United's attack. United injuries: Ryan Giggs (midfielder), Valencia (midfielder), JI-Sung Park (midfielder) suspended: none

Bursa injuries: Emiliano insua (Defender) suspended: none United (442): Edwin van der SAR and Rafael, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra and Nani, Paul Scholes, Darren Fletcher, Anderson and Berbatov, Hernandez

Bursa (451): Ivankov/wodesen, and aiduogen, and tanduogen, and Stipanov/woerhan, and Swenson, and Batale, and Ipek, and aijike/yidilimu